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Adding the dimension of electrical storage to carbon fiber 

About Sinonus

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Our purpose is multipurpose 

At Sinonus we believe in multipurpose solutions. Why is that? Well, the answer is quite simple. Our planets resources are limited, and we must be smart on how we utilize them. We are determined to contribution to a positive impact by developing innovative multipurpose materials that enables energy and resource efficacy. 

Just think of your smartphone, today it seems farfetched to use a single purpose phone, camera and mp3 player when you can have them all in one. In the same way we can transform single purpose materials, such as structure materials and batteries, through our multipurpose carbon fiber composite solution. 


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Our Solution

Curred battery

The current norm is to build mechanical structures of single purpose materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, steel etc. In the same manner a battery is considered a separately unit with "no other" function than energy storage. From a silo perspective, the battery and the structural material performs well at their jobs, but from an efficacy standpoint, the single usage comes at a cost of system volume, weight and overall performance. 

To enable increased system efficiency, Sinonus has developed a carbon fiber based composite that can provide structural strength and store energy, all in one. By doing so we can utilize the mass that is "already there" to store energy, creating an opportunity to reduce weight, volume and improve overall system performance.

We achieve this by utilizing the structural strengths of carbon fibers, while at the same time letting the them serve as electrodes in a battery cell. This in combination with a specially developed electrolyte, makes it possible to build lightweight and structurally strong constructions with an integrated electrical storage capacity.

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Do you want to get in contact with us to ask us a question, or simply say hi? Don´t hesitate, you will find the details below or in the message form.

  • Sinonus AB, Läraregatan 3,

    411 33 Gothenburg, Sweden